Field Trip Sponsorships for Classes

WSBR will provide support for middle school space and science-related field trips (for example, to the National Air and Space Museum or NASA Headquarters); in doing so, WSBR will cover field trip costs such as transportation (e.g., bus or Metro), enrichment activities (e.g., IMAX tickets and educational materials) and other costs related to enabling an exciting and compelling experience for middle school students. WSBR will fund up to $1000 per class to cover the costs of the field trips.

Field Trip Sponsorships Details
Parent-Teacher organizations and instructors can obtain a field trip sponsorship application here. You will be asked to provide the following information at least 90 days prior to the proposed field trip:

  • Primary point of contact for application
  • Name and location of your school, class area of study, age group, and size of class to be sponsored
  • Description of the field trip: site, location and proposed date (at least 90 days from date of application)
  • The funds being sought (up to $1000 per class) and the uses of the funds by major category (e.g., transportation, admission costs, etc.)
  • The expected benefits to the participating students, including support for class curriculum

Field trips selected for sponsorship will be funded at least 30 days prior to the proposed deadline, upon receipt of a verification of trip authorization to be provided by the principal of your school. WSBR prefers to reimburse sponsorships through the school’s participating parent-teacher organization. Up to [five] field trip sponsorships will be selected for each academic year.

Note that individuals selected for scholarships and groups receiving sponsorships will be asked to provide a report on their supported activity. This may include photo journals and blogging for the WSBR website.

Field Trip Application PDF