Virtual Program with Mike Kincaid & Hany Eldeib

June 16, 2021 12:00 pm ET

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“How NASA’s STEM is Advancing Next Generation of Space Champions”

Please join us Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 12Noon eastern, for our distinguished speaker, Mike Kincaid, NASA Associate Administrator, Office of STEM Engagement.

Mike has testified to Congress that “As NASA prepares to land the first woman and the next man on the Moon by 2024, we envision having students across the nation join us in our journey. We envision NASA’s direct work with students will attract and engage the Artemis generation – our future aerospace workforce – and stimulate interest in STEM careers across the nation.”

To that end, Mike is overseeing a multi-faceted STEM effort that engages a diverse cross section of our aerospace community, including outreach to the nation’s minority institutions.

The presentation is set to be a short presentation by Mike on the State of STEM before we take a quick break and transition to our annual on-line auction which seeks to promote WSBR specific STEM activities in the Capital area.

As associate administrator, Kincaid oversees strategic direction and leadership of NASA’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) engagement function, which attracts and supports the involvement of students in the realization of NASA’s unique missions. Kincaid’s office engages America’s educators, students and institutions in these unique missions, contributing to NASA’s mission success, as well as the nation’s overall STEM education ecosystem.

Kincaid chairs NASA’s STEM Engagement Council, which integrates, oversees and assesses NASA’s STEM engagement functions and activities agency wide. Kincaid is also co-chair of Federal Coordination in STEM Education (FC-STEM), a multiagency committee focused on coordinating and enhancing STEM education efforts across the federal government.

In addition, Kincaid is NASA’s representative on the International Space Education Board (ISEB) and serves as the 2019 ISEB chair. He leads global collaboration in space education between 10 countries. ISEB shares best practices and unites efforts to foster interest in space, science and technology among students worldwide.

Kincaid has served NASA for more than 30 years. He first joined NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, Texas, as an intern in 1987, and has led JSC organizations in various capacities including Director of Education, Deputy Director of Human Resources, and Deputy Chief Financial Officer. Prior to taking his current position, Kincaid was the Director of External Relations at JSC, where his office interacted with several stakeholders from across the country.

Kincaid has a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M, an MBA from University of Houston, Clear Lake, and is happily married with three wonderful children. He is passionate about the impact of STEM engagement and his role in leading the agency’s efforts to engage the nation in NASA’s missions.

Hany Eldeib is currently a Mathematics and Computer Science teacher at Bard High School Early College DC, and the founder and moderator of the Young Robotics Club, one of the STEM educational organizations that WSBR proudly supports.

Prior to taking this position, Hany worked at Intelsat for 24 years as a Senior Satellite Engineer, Senior Director of Space Systems Planning, and Strategic Projects Director, among other important roles. Following his work at Intelsat, he has worked and continues to work in a variety of educational and consulting roles in the Space and Satellite Industry.

Hany is widely admired in the satellite and STEM education spaces, and WSBR is proud to have supported his organization at Bard for the past year.

Immediately following the speaker portion of the program, we will move into our separate portion of the June 16th program, which will be a virtual silent auction. Bids for the WSBR virtual auction will be accepted until 1PM, with winners being announced immediately afterward.

You can find the link to the auction site here:

The auction site will be live beginning at 12Noon EST, June 9th, 2021. 

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